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Archive for May, 2015

Sermon Questions for 05/31/15

Posted on May 26th, 2015 with Comments Off on Sermon Questions for 05/31/15


Text: Mark 15:33-39

Title: The Son of God


1. Why does it get dark in the middle of the day?

2. What does Jesus say?

3. What do the bystanders think he means?

4. What is the central event of the narrative? Of History?

5. What happened when Jesus died? What is the significance?


Text: 2 Kings 19

Title: In a Day of Trouble, Rebuke & Blasphemy


1. What is the trouble?

2. What does Hezekiah Pray?

3. How does God answer? What does He say?

4. How is the threat repeated?

5. What does Hezekiah do now?

6. What does God say now?

7. What happens in the end?

Sermon Questions for 05/24/15

Posted on May 20th, 2015 with Comments Off on Sermon Questions for 05/24/15


Text: Mark 15:15-32

Title: The Humbled King


1. How was Jesus mocked? How does this related to Mark 10:33-34?

2. Where was Jesus crucified, and why?

3. What happened to his cloths?

4. Who was Simon of Cyrene?

5. Who had the place on either side of Jesus?

6. Who mocked Jesus on the cross? What temptation did they offer?

7. Why did all this happen? Consider 1 Peter 3:18.


Text: 2 Kings 18

Title: Surprising Grace; Faithful King


1. Who was Hezekiah’s father, and how were they different?

2. How is his faith described?

3. What were the results of this faith?

4. How does the reign of Hezekiah contrast with what is going on in Israel?

5. Are there signs of failing faith?

6. What greater thread comes?

7. How do the people and leaders respond?

Sermon Questions for 05/17/15

Posted on May 15th, 2015 with Comments Off on Sermon Questions for 05/17/15


Text: Mark 15:1-15

Title: The Silent King


1. Who is Pilate?

2. What charge is brought against Jesus?

3. How does Jesus respond and why?

4. What choice does Pilate offer?


Text: 2 Kings 17

Title: They Followed Vanity, and Became Vain


1. How does God’s judgment come?

2. For what sins does God judge Israel?

3. What follows judgment (vv. 24-41)?

Sermon Questions for 05/10/15

Posted on May 6th, 2015 with Comments Off on Sermon Questions for 05/10/15


Text: Mark 14:53-54, 66-72
Title: A Trial of a Different Sort
1. Who is on trial?
2. What events do we read of here?
3. What do we learn of the vulnerability of converted believers?
4. How should we consider what appear to be “little” temptations?
5. To what does sin lead?


Text: 2 Kings 15:32-16:20
Title: Apostasy in Judah
1. What warning signs do we see in Judah?
2. What new and extreme forms of wickedness do we observe?
3. What form does God’s judgment take?
4. What response to this from Judah?
5. How does God then deal with His covenant people?

Sermon Questions for 05/03/15

Posted on May 1st, 2015 with Comments Off on Sermon Questions for 05/03/15


Text: Matthew 5:17-20
Title: Kingdom Righteousness
1. What is the law of God?
2. Has some of the law passed away?
3. What is our duty to the law of God?


Text: 2 Kings 15:8-31
Title: Helpless Kings; Dying Nation
1. Who are the kings listed here?
2. What is going on in Israel?
3. Where is God in all this?