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Archive for October, 2012

Sermon Questions For 10/28/12

Posted on October 24th, 2012 with Comments Off on Sermon Questions For 10/28/12

Text: Mark 7:1-13
Possible Title: Voiding God’s Word
Questions About the Text:
From where had the Pharisees and scribes come?
Why were the Pharisees and scribes concerned about hand washing?
What was the significance of various washings
among the Jews in the time of Jesus?
What was the point of Jesus’ quote from Isaiah?
What was wrong with their worship?
What’s the difference between the commandment of God and the tradition?
What example did Jesus provide of their rejecting God’s commandment?
Do you notice a progression from v. 8 (‘laying aside’) to v. 9 (‘reject’) to v. 13 (‘making…of no effect’) the word of God?

Sermon Questions For 10/21/12

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Text: Mark 6:45-56
Possible Title: It Is I!
Questions About the Text:

  1. Why did Jesus send his disciples away alone?
  2. If Jesus was God, why did he pray and to whom?
  3. When Jesus sees the distress of the disciples,
  4. why would he pass them by?
  5. When did the wind cease?
  6. Why did the disciples not understand?
  7. What response does he find in Gennesaret?
  8. What does he do?


Text: Jeremiah 1:11-19
Possible Title: A Boiling Pot
Questions About the Text:

  1. What visions does Jeremiah have?
  2. What was their significance?
  3. What is Jeremiah to say?
  4. How is he to communicate it?
  5. How is God preparing Jeremiah for the task?
  6. What awaits him?
  7. What is God’s promise?

Sermon Questions For 10/14/12

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Text: Mark 6:35-44
Possible Title: The Bread of Life
Questions About the Text:
Who brought a need to Christ?
What was their concern?
Why did Jesus say “Give them to eat”?
What were the obstacles to that command?
What resources were on hand?
How were the people prepared?
What did Jesus do?
How did the miracle happen?


Text: Jeremiah 1:7-10
Possible Title: To Destroy & Build
Questions About the Text:
What objections did Jeremiah raise to his call?
What questions should Jeremiah have asked?
From where did his message come?
To whom is he sent?
What was to be the effect of his ministry?

Sermon Questions For 10/07/12

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Text: Mark 6:30-34
Title: Compassion of Christ
Questions about the Text:
What did the disciples report to Jesus, and why?
Why did Jesus take them away?
What is real compassion?
How did Jesus show compassion?
How do we show Christ’s compassion?

[I’m starting a series through the Book of Jeremiah; one of my favorite prophets and books, from which I’ve not preached before. This series will alternate with my continuing exposition of 2 Samuel, with 1 and 2 Kings afterwards; and my periodic preaching from one of the Psalms.]
Text: Jeremiah 1:1-6
Title: Called as a Prophet
Questions about the Text:
Who was Jeremiah?
When did he minister?
By what authority did he prophesy?
What was going on during his long ministry?
How was he received?
What was his hesitancy?

Sermon Questions For 09/30/12

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Text: Mark 6:14-29
Possible Title: Hearing & Fearing; Without Repentance
Questions About the Text:
What strange notion did Herod have about Jesus?
What did other say about Jesus?
Who was this Herod?
How did Herod think of John the Baptist?
How did Herod act toward him?
How did Herod hear John?
What foolish promise did Herod make?
Should we keep sinful oaths?
What responses do we observe to John’s murder?


Text: Psalm 16
Possible Title: The Portion of My Inheritance
Questions About the Text:
What is the relationship of the LORD to the speaker?
What is his relationship to God’s people?
Idolatry results in what?
What is the cup, lot and lines of vv. 5 and 6?
Who advises the speaker and how?
What is the source of the psalmist’s confidence?
What is his hope, joy, pleasure and life?

Sermon Questions For 09/23/12

Posted on October 17th, 2012 with Comments Off on Sermon Questions For 09/23/12


Ken Montgomery will be preaching from Luke 24::36-53
Title: Receiving Christ’s Benediction 


Text: 2 Samuel 19:41-26
Possible Title: Restoring God’s Order
Questions About the Text:
What is the top priority after David’s return to Jerusalem?
What hinders the restoration of peace in the Kingdom?
How is Sheba described?
What is David’s plan? His actions?
What are Joab’s motives and methods?
Why the list of officials at the end of chapter 20?

Sermon Questions For 09/16/12

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Text: Mark 6:6b-13, 30
Possible Title: Sent & Authorized
Questions About the Text:
V. 6b: How many times has Jesus 
done a preaching tour of Galilee? [see Mk. 1:14, 39]
How did Jesus send his disciples?
What were they to take with them?
What were they not to take?
With whom were they to stay, and how long?
And if not received, what were they to do?
What was the significance of such an act?
What were their activities?


Text: 2 Samuel 19:15-40
Possible Title: The King Returned
Questions About the Text:
What is the location of the activities we read about here?
Who met the King?
What does Shemei say?
How does David respond?
What of Mephibosheth?
What does David offer to do for Barzillai?
What does he do?
To where does David go first, after entering the land?
What is significant about David’s dealing 
with these three men?

Sermon Questions for 09/09/12

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Text: 1 Thessalonians 5:25-28
Possible Title: Final Instructions
Questions About the Text:
Why dis Paul request the prayers of the Thessalonians?
What is a greeting with a holy kiss?
Why does Paul “charge them by the Lord”?
What is the significance of commanding 
that this letter be read?
Why is the concluding benediction important?
What is essential about the Lord’s grace?


Text: 2 Samuel 19:1-14
Possible Title: The Way Back from Apostasy
Questions About the Text:
The rebel Absalom is dead; what more is needed?
With what must David deal first (vv. 1-8)?
Meanwhile, what is happening 
among the people (vv. 9-10)?
How does David recognize and make use 
of the opportunity he finds (vv. 11-14)?
Why Amasa (v. 13)?
What is the response of Judah?

Sermon Questions for 09/02/12

Posted on October 17th, 2012 with Comments Off on Sermon Questions for 09/02/12


Text: 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24
Possible Title: God Is Faithful
Questions About the Text:
Why does Paul now pray for his readers?
Paul now prays, to whom?
Why the God of peace?
For what does he pray?
How many parts are humans?
Upon what does our faithfulness 
and spiritual growth depend?
Who is the author and finisher of our sanctification?

Text: 2 Samuel 18
Possible Title: Cursed Man Hanging
Questions About the Text:
How did David organize his military force?
Why did he remain in the city?
Was David’s public order regarding Absalom wise?
What was David’s strategy for overcoming Absalom’s 
numeric superiority?
What significance is there in Absalom’s 
hanging in a tree?
Was Joab also a rebel?
What was the significance of Absalom’s burial?