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Archive for December, 2011

Sermon Questions for 01/01/12

Posted on December 30th, 2011 with Comments Off on Sermon Questions for 01/01/12


Text: Mark 4:21-25
Title: Hiddenness That Reveals

Who or what is the lamp of v. 21?
What is hidden but revealed in v. 22?
How is one’s capacity for more increased (vv. 23-25)?


Text: Daniel 9:20-27
Title: Seventy Weeks Determined

In vv. 20-23, what do we learn about angels, Daniel and God?
What are the seventy sevens?
What six things are accomplished during this time?
How is this time divided?
What happens during first seven weeks?
Who is the Messiah cut off?
Who is the prince of v. 26, come to destroy the city?
Who is the “he” of v. 27?

Sermon Questions for 12/25/11

Posted on December 30th, 2011 with Comments Off on Sermon Questions for 12/25/11


Text: Mark 4:18; 13-22
Title: A Sower, Seed and Soil

Who is the sower?
How does he sow?
What is the seed?
What is essential for fruit?
What are the four types of soil?
How can someone receive the word gladly and not endure?
What is being taught to future sowers?


Text: Daniel 9:16-19
Title: O LORD, Harken and Do

For what did Daniel pray?
What was not the basis of his expectation of an answer?
Why did he expect God to answer?
What attributes of God do we find here?
What did Daniel care about?

Sermon Questions for 12/18/11

Posted on December 30th, 2011 with Comments Off on Sermon Questions for 12/18/11


Text: Mark 4:1-12
Title: The Mystery of the Kingdom

What is a parable?
When and why did Jesus use parables?
What does Jesus mean by “the mystery of the kingdom”?
Does “mystery” here mean weird or hidden?
What was the intended effect of Jesus’ parables?


Text: Daniel 9:3-15
Title: We Have Sinned

How serious was Daniel about his prayer?
What does Daniel pray concerning God?
Why does Daniel pray to the “LORD” and “my God”?
What words or phrases are used to describe Israel’s sins?
Was God’s judgement unexpected or unjust?
What is the basis of Daniel expecting mercy?

Sermon Questions for 12/11/11

Posted on December 30th, 2011 with Comments Off on Sermon Questions for 12/11/11


Text: 1 John 5:18-21
Title: Things We Know

What are the three things here which we know?
What warning is found here?
In v. 18, who “keeps himself”?
How does one keep himself?
How is the world under the control of the wicked one?
What truths do we know about Christ?
How are we able to understand and know Christ?
Of what idols should we beware?


Text: Daniel 9:1-4a
Title: Word Directed Prayer

How does the Bible inform our prayer?
How does God’s sovereign will effect our prayers?
How does the word help us to pray?
How does God’s word effect the content of our prayers?
How does it effect our response to His answers?
Does our understanding of God’s promises direct our prayers?

Sermon Questions for 12/04/11

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Text: 1 John 5:16-17
Title: To Pray or Not to Pray?

Should we pray for others?
Should we pray for those who err?
Prayer is the opposite of what?
For what blessing do we pray?
What is sin unto death?
Are there those for whom we should not pray?



Text: Daniel 8
Title: The Latter Time of the Indignation

What kingdoms does this vision concern?
What is the little horn of v. 9?
Is this the same little horn found in 7:8?
What time period are we looking at?
Why do these things happen?
Why was Daniel sick after this vision?
Why was the vision to be sealed?