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Archive for June, 2011

Sermon Questions for 07/03/11

Posted on June 29th, 2011 with Comments Off on Sermon Questions for 07/03/11

Text: 1 John 3:4-10
Title: What About Sin?

What is sin? (v. 4)
Why did Jesus come? (vv. 5, 8)
What else do we learn about Jesus? (v. 5, 8)
What is the evidence of a relationship with Christ, and knowing him? (vv. 6, 10)
How are Christians righteous
What will the righteous do? (v. 7)
What is the relationship of the sinner to the devil? (v. 8)
How does God keep one from sin? (vv. 6, 9)
How do we recognize the children of God
and those of the devil? (v. 10)
What does this passage teach
about Christians not being able to sin?



What About Sin?
I. What is sin? (vv. 4, 8a)

A. Lawlessness.
B. Minimizing sin.

II. Why did Jesus come? (vv. 5, 8b)

A. To take away sin.
B. To destroy Satan’s work.

III. What difference does it make? (vv. 6, 9)

A. New direction.
B. New Nature.

IV. What’s the danger? (vv. 7, 10)

A. Don’t be deceived.
B. Knowing the real thing.

Sermon Questions for 06/26/11

Posted on June 22nd, 2011 with Comments Off on Sermon Questions for 06/26/11

Text: 1 John 2:28-3:3
Title: Family Likeness

How do we become the children of God?
What do we know about the Father?
What do we know about Christ?
How does the Christian respond to these truths?
What will characterize the children of God?
How will we be like the Father?
What is he wonder of what God has done for us?
What does the child of God hope to be?

Text: 1 Samuel 19
Title: Parting of the Ways

What are Saul’s intentions toward David?
What does Jonathan do?
How was Saul influenced by Jonathan’s argument?
What does Saul resist?
How did Saul respond to David’s victory?
Observing from a distance at this time,
what might one think of Saul?
What are we to make of Michal’s behavior?
To whom does David flee?
What hinders Saul’s efforts to capture David?
What are we to think of the Spirit’s work here?

Sermon Questions for 06/19/11

Posted on June 14th, 2011 with Comments Off on Sermon Questions for 06/19/11

Text: 1 Corinthians 5
Title: With Sincerity and Truth

What are the three essential marks of the church?
What are the purposes of discipline in the church?
With what authority do the elders of the church act?
What is the danger of being outside the church of Christ?
What is the danger of failure to discipline?
What attitude are we to have to those disciplined?

Text: 1 Samuel 18
Title: The LORD Was with David

Who loved David?
Who feared David? Why?
What did Saul remember which made him jealous?
How many times does it say David acted wisely? Why?
How many times does it say the LORD was with David?
How does Saul attempt and plan to destroy David?
What was David’s protection?



I David’s Success (1-5)
II Jealousy Arises (6-9)
III Attempted Murder by a Mad King (10-12)
IV Opposition for David’s Good and God’s Purposes (13-30)

Sermon Questions for 06/12/11

Posted on June 9th, 2011 with Comments Off on Sermon Questions for 06/12/11

Text: Exodus 20:12
Title: The Extent and Limits of Authority

Who, besides our natural parents, does the Bible call our fathers and mothers?
Where does authority come from?
Whom do we obey?
Are we to obey ungodly people in authority?
When should we not submit to those claiming authority over us?
What are some examples of usurping authority?
What is the extent and what are the limits of the authority of the civil government?
What is the extent and what are the limits of the authority of the church?
How do we apply these principles?


Text: 1 Samuel 17
Title: The Battle Is the LORD’s

What is the nature of Israel’s problem?
How did David assess the situation?
What did David’s brothers think of him?
Does this remind you of someone else?
What was Saul’s estimation of David?
What did the giant think and say of David?
What was David’s confidence?
How is God glorified in David’s victory?
What was Saul’s reaction to these events?
How was David a type of Christ in this passage?

Sermon Questions for 06/05/11

Posted on June 9th, 2011 with Comments Off on Sermon Questions for 06/05/11

Text: Exodus 20:12
Title: Ain’t Nobody Tellin’ Me Nothin’!

Why do we speak of “two tables” of the moral law?
Where does the 5th commandment fit?
Is the fifth commandment only about how children are to treat their parents?
Where does authority come from?
What are children’s responsibility toward parents?
What does it mean to honor, obey, fear, submit, bear with, pray for?
What are parent’s responsibility toward their children?
What does it mean to nurture, teach, correct, pray for, not provoke?
How do we pray for our children?
Do we treat them as non-Christians?
What is the promise connected to this commandment?
How does God use imperfect parents?


Text: 1 Samuel 16
Title: Not As Man Sees

The Lord rejected Saul; had he rejected Israel?
What was God doing during Saul’s decline?
How should we grieve?
Does God ever tell us to lie?
Why was there fear at Samuel’s coming?
Does God judge by externals?
Are God ordained externals important?
(consider the anointing with oil)
So, when will David be king?
Does God send evil spirits?
What advice did Saul receive;
what better advice might he have been given?
What is God doing with David?